Report on The Inorganic Entities Named Flyers/Voladores

What are they?

They are a type of predatorial inorganic entity that feeds upon the awareness of different types of other species, both Inorganic and Organic in nature. Ours is one of those species affected. They are not the beings that sorcerers refer to as ‘allies’ or ‘I,Bs’.

What do they look like?

If your assemblage point (a point of energy intersection within a person’s energy field that tunes an individual’s perception) is focused to the standard place, they don’t really show up to our eyes, although sometimes their actions do. Some can rustle up small whirlwinds, or blow rubbish or leaves around. When you’re seeing wakes up a little, and your assemblage point becomes more fluid, allowing you to view energy, you can see (the act of viewing your environment as energy) them perched on lampposts, buildings (the original gargoyles), all over the community, town or city you live in.

They are basically a dark blob or shape of energy, quite energetically heavy, that can leap, jump, move very fast, dance, etc. their color is usually a shadow color, some are ‘muddy; (which is where the nickname ‘muddies’ came from) others are pitch black (even in the noon day sun) others appear as shades of grey.

The type that specifically harasses warriors freed of their ‘mind spikes’ and the further evolved type (their answer to our seers of third attention), tendto have a shine to them, and seem to be more compact, though I think that may be how they are viewed when traveling. The older they get and more they feed, the denser they tend to be.

Where did they come from?

Exactly where is not really known to us in first attention, other than they were met by warriors exploring new area’s of second attention by The Old Seers, far from our world. The Flyers that dealt with these warriors realized that they had found a new food source, as the race they were reliant for their food (awareness) was dying off. They in tern were starving and their race dying and they needed a new species of entity to feed from and farm for further generations of their kind. The flyers involved in meeting these warriors then offered a deal of information/knowledge for reciprocal information, information that included where our world was.

How long ago did this happen?

The exact time isn’t really established, but the approximate time is about 10,000 years ago when they first arrived here.

Are we their only food source?

No. They have found other sources of food (the coating of awareness that is on the exterior of the energy field of certain species) after they found us. They also feed on the awareness of animals, trees, fungi, and other inorganic entities. Feeding on our species though, did get their own race off the edge of extinction.
That lesson was well learned by them, and they now continuously seek out new forms of awareness they can consume. They will not make the same mistake as they did last time, being reliant upon only one food source. By present population estimates of them, they out number our race by a factor of about 9 to 1, which is probably why they seek to increase our species population.

Where did the names “flyers” and “voladores” come from?

A warrior game of the Aztecs and perhaps older cultures where the ‘Volador’ means ‘flywheel’. A ceremony/game where warriors garbed themselves as birds, then hung by ropes on a spinning platform. It assumed that it was to give the effect of birdsin flight when the men were spun from it. However it was really to give the effect of the voladores when they jump or leap, asit is the appearance of flight. In some instances voladores can ‘sail’ great distances as well, especially if they can catch the force of the winds. The name Flyers … well that’s self explanatory.

So what with all the fuss about them?

After arriving here for the first time, there was only a human population world wide of about 12,000,000 (*approximately), not really enough for their needs, so they put into action a plan to increase the planets yield.
With a fresh new race to work with they first ‘spiked’ the first few subjects they could with a piece of their own minds, mainly to exercise control, but also to allow their hosts to gain some of the flyers own skills. They knew that the majority of the human sub races were mobile in small groups (nomadic) at the time, even though the warrior’s path was very active even then (the new seers were not due to rise for another 9,500 years, warriors were common, and they did get out of life alive before the arrival of the voladores). At first most Humans resisted the intrusion; they could perceive these predators and had the personal power to force out the foreign energy from their minds. So the flyers used willing subjects and those who were either damaged or unaware they gradually extended their hold.

By encouraging individuals to increase the yield of their crops, rotations, grafting, fertilizing, animal husbandry, etc, there was more food to go around. Humans didn’t need to move on to fresh hunting grounds so often; they started settling down into both permanent or semi-permanent settlements and villages. There happened the gradual change from supplementing hunted foods with some crops grown at home, to supplementing farmed foods with the occasional hunt.

More food meant less starvation through lean times, support within the community to protect the young, sick and mentally challenged. This altered our Breeding patterns, weaker individuals and their blood lines intermixing, where originally they would have died out (natural selection). This was not all bad of course, because it allowed those who may have died from injury, had the chance to recover. It also allowed certain traits that would have remained dormant to emerge. Now that improved agriculture methods caused a shift in labor to other areas, people started to master being specialized in different skills, building, tool making, transport, etc. Transportation, medicines, sewers and fresh water supply, sustainable fuels are other improvements that have increased the growth of the world’s population. We have gone from around 300,000,000 world wide in year 1AD to 1,650,000,000 in the year 1900, to 2005 estimated of 6,453,628,000. Estimates for the year 2050 are at the 8.9 billion mark. That is a lot of livestock.

This increase in population also means that to sustain larger and larger populations will mean a greater reliance upon the sciences to maintain food, water andfuel supplies for the nations of the world.

What about the ages and technologies before they arrived? What of Atlantis and the land of Mu? Are you claiming that the flyers are responsible for us developing technology?

They are not responsible so much for the technologies developed, as in the direction they were developed. Previously humans have achieved high technology based on other rules of that reality and time, when that reality changed, that technology stopped working, and we had to start again from scratch. (*Note that human’s worst enemy is still themselves, even after an apprentice throws off the yoke of the flyers; they still have to deal with their own ego. One effect of high technology is that those who have it tend to feel superior by the power technology brings to them.)
There are several subspecies of humans, are there several subspecies of the voladores?
Yes, though it is more like they are in levels of development rather than different subspecies. There are the juvenile’s, they tendto be smaller and a muddy color (nick named muddies), the more adult type, are the regular kind that do the spiking, they tend to be bigger and more solid, the more well fed they are the “heavier” they feel when you ‘see’ them.

Then you get the next type that all warriors have to deal with once they have removed their spike. They are highly intelligent and seek to wear out warriors and return them to the fold.

There also appears to be a leader type, large insize, which tends to focus on world political, religious and business leaders. (Simply viewing this type just about got another warrior and me dead from retaliation, just by viewing them. Please be very careful if you attempt to see this type, as the attacks can be quite severe and did continue for several weeks afterwards.)

The rarest of their species is a type that has evolved as the seers of 3rd attention have evolved. They are independent of their fellows, and appear to next stage of evolution from the type which harasses apprentices after throwing their spike. They view as smaller, shinny and move with incredible speed. There are very possibly many other types, not a huge amount is known about them, even after all this time. We do know however that they learned this trick from our own species evolution.

What is ‘spiking’?

Spiking is the act when a flyer/voladore inserts part of its mind into its host. The spike is energetic and coned or spiked shaped; theintent is to piece the mental energy field, integrating right into the energetics of the nervous system. Because of the position at the base of the skull, top of the head, it has the ability to over ride higher mind functions with emotions (Emotional driven reactions are up to twenty six times more powerful than rational thought). The spike also grows tendrils of energy throughout the host energy systems.

So how does the spike function?

The spike is usually installed at birth, sometimes earlier depending on the energetic condition of the mother.
The flyer nails the subject with the spike which proceeds to bury itself as deep as it can, the deeper it goes the closer to total control the flyer has over its host. As soon as it’s installed it assists with programming the host, locking the assemblage point, tracking, retardingevolution. The programming is designed so that hosts will police themselves and keeping others around them “in line”. It is perhaps the scariest of methods, because the programming remains to someextent even after the spike and tendrils are completely removed.

How do you know that someone is spiked?

There are several ways to approach this.
First, assume everyone, including yourself is spiked. It is not nice, but it’s necessary. The human organism at some level knows that it has been violated, and that something isn’t right.

The second method is to actually view the spike with ‘seeing’ from either dreaming or viewing another person’s spike.

The third is by sensing the foreign energy of the spike with the hands.

The forth is by applying mental pressure (stress) and observing the physical reactions. When a person gets stressed or upset, emotional, angry, fearful, paranoid, they will start touching their head, (or the back of their heads where the spike is) neck, and sometimes even the other energy centers. When ever a host either leaks energy, or goes against programming, or witnesses someone going against programming, the spike asserts its control over the host. It can also be set off by a warrior who is in the same vicinity. Flyers don’t like warriors infecting their hosts with the ideas of freedom.

Alcohol and other recreational drug use can also give the flyer more control,lessen the host’s resistance. Watch for evidence of this in public bars and clubs, especially before arguments or fights break out.

The deeper the spike, often the more insane the host may appear such as the long term homeless, mentally insane,violent criminals. Thought it is not always the case, in very rare instances, the host and flyer can mesh completely. These hybrid beings tend to be the most dangerous of individuals. They understand what is going on in this reality and are completely on the side of the flyers. As a warrior in training, please watch out for such individuals. They will know who and what you are on sight, be aware. There are plenty of records of humans that hear voices that tell them what to do, or they know exactly when to act, getting their timing right on the ball, guided by their parasites.

If you yourself think that you spot a person like this, keep calm and do not release any energy in surprise, shock or anger. Do not place any intent upon them, as that may well draw their attention.If you attempt to study them, do so outof the corner of your eye, gently with no threat or projected intent.

So what do the flyers eat off us?

The main thing is the layer of awareness that coats the energy body. They also target other areas, though it appears in a lot of incidences, they are not so much taking the energy, as damaging the energy field to throw the host of balance. A direct strike to the neck’s energy center for example, results in the intent of the host getting damaged, and perhaps that host not accomplishing a beneficial action in their favor. The flyers leave just enough awareness on us to maintain our lives. Take too much and the host will most likely become the living dead, or just dead.

How does the spike damage a person?

First it damages the natural thought processes of the host. It encourages the individual to keep a constant chatter in their heads (watch a child at play, notice how some children chatter constantly non stop, voicing out loud what is running in their heads), this stops the host from accessing Inner silence. It takes an extreme constant effort to enter inner silence after years of not being able to. The other victim that is noticeable of recent years is Patience and unbending intent.

Discovery of the spike is discouraged, it is in the earliest basic programming that the host isn’t aloud to ‘see’ or be aware of the flyers or the spike, even though the body is constantly aware of it (why hosts constantly touch their spikes when under stress). It also increases the emotions of fear, worry, paranoia, anger depression, violence aggression and lust. The other thing that is encouraged is the breeding of energetically weak children, the ‘bored fucks’ of society.

Energetically weak or children born to old people (not always weak, just ‘stiff’ and fixated in their view of the world) are more stable to this reality and are easier to control, essentially, a better breed. It is suspected that this continued modifying and over domestication of species is what lead to the death of the last race they enslaved for food.

It is also thought that the continued interference and feeding on our species has reduced the amount of available energy a humans energy field should have. When you reduce the size of the energy field of an entity, it ceases to be able access certain assemblage points (once these points were in the energy field, now they are out of reach of the energy field).

In some instances the presence of the flyers energy causes Illness, headaches, immunity problems, allergic reactions and cancerous growths. The energetic disturbances caused by their control over basic systems of the host’s body can make openings for greater problems through life, especially as the host’s personal power dwindles.

Picture the mind of a human as a many-layered nut of energy, layers within layers like that of an onion.As the spike is driven, it pieces these layers, giving it greater access to the minds energy and its functions. The spike attempts to get dig itself deeper till it pieces the core of the mind, basically gaining full control of the host. If a person is too deeply spiked, to the 100% depth, are usually irrecoverable. The majority of the population is spiked at a 60% to 90% depth.

What does 100% penetration from a spike mean to a host?

The result from this action creates a complete human puppet to the infesting flyer. The host becomes an extension of their will and intent, adding their energy to the parasite. Most become complete zombies; or ‘the living dead’, others are seen in society as some members mentally disabled; others can by all outward signs appear very ‘normal’ yet are murders, killers, abusers and tyrants. The most dangerous of all are the type that are combined with their hosts so completely they give no outward signs, though behind their eyes the intent of the flyer is very pronounced. These people integrate with the command structure of our society, government, religion, military, finance and big business. Control is all about having your people in the right places.

On a personal note, and something that warriors should be aware is the fact that apprentices are identified to the flyers when they actively seek to train. Although you will find that they prefer to wear down apprentices, returning them to the flock, they can easily have someone killed in this reality if they choose to.
At this stage it is smart not to take too many chances with your life, don’t rely on blind luck for successful action. Actively plan strategies to protect yourself during the time where you seek to remove the spike till recovery and times when your personal power runs low.

How does a person remove their spike?

First thing to be sure of is, are you willing to take this all the way? It is a never ending battle to keep your mind to yourself from these entities… and even though the spike may be initially removed, it is highly likely that it will be replaced, several times, before an apprentice can maintain enough shielding around their mind to repel any other attacks. It is possible to free your mind, and then be re-spiked many years later because you are going through a “bad patch” energetically, or have given up on training.

In truth there is really only one option for anyone that intends to be free, which is the successful removal of this foreign energy.
The first step is to store up personal power or energy, starting the initial warrior processes, setting up recap, dreaming, and stalking. The warrior arts aim at stopping an apprentice’s energetic drain.

Next is to initiate mediation to achieve inner silence. Inner silence is collective; it accumulates as the individual practices it. It can take practice to learn to quiet the mind’s noise, as one gets better at it they can do it for longer periods.
That incorporated with the intent of getting out of life alive, sets up the warrior apprentice to access a new set of skills, and funny enough, takes advantage of the feedback loop that the flyers spikes connection allows, with a “field of silence” that projects when an individuals mind is quiet. The flyers don’t like it when this field of silence is projected, the more you do it, the moreit pains them. Inner silence is also the door to many of a warriors skills, such as direct knowledge and seeing. So please practice diligently.

Remember to also state your intent out loud to become a warrior to the universe, and request the help of the seers of 3rd attention. In some instances the forces that assist warriors are not aloud to help unless you allow or ask for it. Do not be egotistical over this; warriors who learn to work in teams have greater success in their training, which in turn helps us all. They are there to help those who help themselves.

The second thing that you can consider is recapitulation of flyers every time one of them takes the energy of awareness from you. They really don’t like that, and will react to it to try to teach you not to do it.Its when the leaching of energy off you goes from the odd ‘burn’ or furry or tickle feeling around the legs, to stabbing pains to the mind, intense ‘burns’ to all parts of the body. As a warrior becomes sensitive to energy, they become
sensitive to when it’s being taken, and when it’s returning (The sensitivity also means you can define what types of energies you are dealing with. All energies ‘taste’ or feel different).

The flyers tend to be more suited to fast intense attack, then running off to digest the stolen awareness. It is unusual that they can sustain constant attacks longer than 4 hours, without resting for several hours, which is good news for us. It can get rather intense over this period. Be aware that no mater how bad it gets, you can get through it. They are only fighting for a meal; you are fighting for your life and freedom.
As a warrior can taste energies, they can also feel energies, especially with their hands. You can start by ‘feeling’ the layers of energies around one hand, with the other hand.

There is an older technique which is done by touching the palms together, then pulling them apart, then pressing them slowly together( but don’t touch them together again), keep doing it, like you are squishing a marshmallow between your palms.

Eventually, you will feel the boundaries between the layers of energy around your palms. (Still, don’t touch the skin of the other hand, or anything else, it causes a shift back to ‘normal’. It will take a little time to refocus your senses from the physical to feeling energy, it gets better with practice).

Start touching the energy around your head, work you way towards where the spike should lie (back of the neck/skull), and feel the energy differences between your energy, and the alien energy. Become familiar with it. Don’t be surprised if you find secondary spikes along with the primary, some people may receive more attention than one flyer, or may need extra spikes to control their activities, it’s a good sign, and it means you are considered a problem to them.
(If you are also a practitioner of magical passes, you will find that your hands will “feel” the energies around your energy fields, and assist with ‘scooping’ energy outer edge of the energy shell back to your energy centers, giving a focus to your intent and will while performing passes).

Eventually when you’re ready, you will actually use the senses of your hand and your ability to recap (recapitulation) to push out the spikes and additional energy back to the predators that put it there. Visualization is a good thing; it aims both your will and intent to assistin the spikes removable. The force of will is essential in this process. Be prepared to spend a lot of hours on this. You most likely won’t keep spike free for long, but the damage to the flyer’s hold is done on the first removal. In the long term, once you successfully remove the spike the first time, the next time will be much easier.
Also focus on the filaments of energy that are spread out through your body, force them out, send them back to the owner using recapitulation. The first time removal tends to be a practice more than a success. On one hand, you have loosened the spike enough, that any other installations will be easily removed, and taking a fraction of the time it took to do the first.

On the other, by the time you wake up next morning there will probably be another one in place. The mind is also wounded from the spike being there, like wound that heals around a piece of glass or stone, it never really heals and is always irritated. The time after the spike is removed though, allows it to heal up a little, subsequent spiking’s willnot penetrate as deep.

Wiping the flyers energy (and any other foreign energy for that mater) from your heads energy centers regularly during the day also assists in keeping the flyers from re – establishing foot holds. They tend to wait until you are busy with a project, or are a little frustrated and focused elsewhere (or your hands are busy) to take another crack at spiking you. Remember to flick off or use recap to clear the hand of flyer energy. Magical passes of the head work wonders in the same way.

In the past a warrior benefactor or teacher would assist the apprentice in this, literally pulling the spike like a rotten tooth. Healers whom have control of their will are also capable of pulling spikes. The spikes tend to be ‘sticky’, so if you pull another persons spike, it may very well end up attempting to piece or stick to you. Focus (intending) upon the spike falling from your hands while flicking them away from you. Applying your will and recapitulation breaths should remove it; also wash your hands with running water after this. Do not touch yourself (like absently touching your head, scratching yourself) till it is truly gone from your hands, or you will transfer some of the other persons flyer onto yourself and then you may have made yourself a new best friend.

Why is it that you can get re-spiked again so soon?

The truth is that the spike can re-grow itself again from the smallest piece; it can replicate itself again in about 24 hours. Flyers can also simply respike you again. Don’t take it personal.

Simply remove it again, stick to your guns, each time they attempt a respike, the spiking is shallower, not penetrating as deep. Don’t be surprised if you get physical reactions such as headaches, boils, pimples, redness, bumps, swellings around where the spike was, it happens sometimes, though not always.

What happens if it gets really hard?

It will be a bit of a battle to get your mind free, it can be more of a battle than expected. One thing that can help is after removing a spike, to draw all the excess energy in your body, into your mind using meditation. The visualization for this is to picture the energy in your body as a fog or water, and then draw it from your toes all the way up to your head, holding it there as long as you can. This denser amount of personal power in one place will speed up the healing to your mind; it will also take possible energy that could be targeted out of the line of fire. Repeat drawing the energy into the mind as you feel the pressure in your mind filling. A good physical sign is that your mind is full of your bodies energy is that your eyes start watering.

If there was the spike in my head, could there be spikes in other parts of my body?

Yes. But deal with them, after you have dealt with your mind, then work your way down your body, treat it like a military action, capture energy centers first, hold them and move on, try not to battle on more than one front.

How did these beings get away with this for so long?

It was a gradual take over. When they first arrived here, they couldn’t spike most people, they were strong enough to resist, they sensed them, and they kept their children’s minds clean of any attempts as well. The flyers had only access to those who were damaged, willing or successfully assaulted. Because we have a shorter life cycle than them, all they had to do was place spiked individuals into places where they could be used to ease the process, and erase as much knowledge of their race from the minds of those who knew about them.

As a field of inner silence will drive flyers back, (the combined field of several people has an increased area effect. In the days of groups apprentices would have the support of their group to keep the flyer at bay while they took care of their spike and healing) the field produced by a spiked person makes it easier to spike others, and increase control of other individuals who are proving to be hard to control. It simply took time to do so. Wives, husbands, lovers, children, etc,etc, one by one, they spiked them all.

Does this mean they control our governments?

You bet your bottom dollar, governments, religions, resources, thereis nothingin the past 10,000 years that they haven’t gotten their sticky little energy into. There are specialized individual flyers thatfulfill these roles, very experienced, long lived and wise ones that have been dealing with our species for ages.

You mentioned another type of flyer that seeks out apprentices earlier, how do they affect me?

After an apprentice kicks their original flyers spike out of their mind, the flyers cease to be as much as an influence as they once were, so they move on to an advanced model so to speak. It’s truly a trap for young players, because it is done under the guise of affection, advice and the offer of friendship.

With the freedom from the spike, the next few years are spent with the gradual removal of their programming, so that a warrior can avoid the ego trap. The game changes. The new flyer that is now ‘assigned’ to the apprentice (sometimes more than one) is extremely intelligent. The game has changed, now the game is to feed off the new and stronger growth of awareness that is happening, and to trip up the new warrior, either exhaust them, causing them to return to the world of the norm. If it seems that that can’t be done, then they can attempt to terminate an apprentice using the environment surrounding them. The flyers don’t want any more warriors getting out of life alive. Neither do they want the word getting out about what they have been doing for the last ten thousand years.

How does a warrior defend themselves with this kind of threat?

They changed the game, we change ours. First thing to remember is if anything is going to trip you up, itwill probably be yourself, via your EGO. Ego was a challenge that was around before the flyers arrived. It may have been a factor in them arriving, who knows. Learning to deal with your own ego is part of a warrior learning to stalk themselves.

It was a factor in a lot of other stuff ups in the pre flyer age. At this stage, doubly focus on catching egotistical actions and nipping them in the butt before they run full cycle. At the end or during an ego cycle, the individual will suffer energy loss, at that moment; they are open to sudden “bad luck” or strikes from
the unknown. At that moment the individual can really do some damage to themselves. Everyone goes through this of course; the ego is a constant challenge for one’s whole path.

The other problem is the flyers are often involved in setting up situations to set this off, using other humans around the apprentice, their associates, friends, family are used against them. Anyone who is spiked is not an ally of a warrior who has removed their spike. Often excessive pressure is placed upon those around the apprentice, till they show mental damage, such as paranoia, hearing voices, mental illness etc, all aimed at the apprentice. Watch for this, because when it shows, it is time to distance your self from these associations. Start spending less time, move slightly faster and only touch their lives lightly when you are required to do so, apply the art of stalking.

The new type of flyers uses different techniques to control or manipulate an apprentice. One techniqueis to push the thought straight into the mind of the apprentice quickly and then leave. It is fast, can feel like a stabbing pain, feathery touch or a pin prick.

There is no energy left behindto betray being touched, but there may be a new thought or thoughts in your mind that isn’t yours. Being aware of this will let you catch them out, allowing you to figure their game and disabling it.

Another is to befriend the apprentice, offer them knowledge, gain their trust, and encourage them into a vulnerable position. This can include segregation from other warriors (who are also clear of their spikes remember that there is a collective effect that acts like shielding to the effects of the flyers, and that one warrior can always observe when another warrior starts to come under the influence of the other side, using team effort to battle the threat is very effective. this is one time when operating as an individual can be more vulnerable).

This tends to be a gradual process, our lives are quick to them, and it’s not really much off their brow to take 5 years to work such a plan. Eventually the Apprentice is encouraged further and further apart from their allied warriors, they weaken and are re-taken. The method I have seen used was using the apprentice’s belief that they were trapped, being controlled by the training. Boredom and lack of action, missing out on the fun of adventure were also factors used.

Gradually the apprentice was encouraged to open their shields up and drain themselves of their personal power with excessive recreational drug use. Their luck ran out and they became involvedin a major car accident. The damage to their head was so sever that they were re-spiked again without realizing it. When
they were released from hospital they reverted straight back to their original programming of before the spike was removed.

The third is sudden occurrences of “luck”. Although a warrior is on the constant look out for their ‘cubit centimeter of luck’, flyers have been known to emulate it and set traps. For example let’s say an apprentice has previously taken recreational drugs.

They are going along one day, and find a little bag of recreational pills or powder on the pavement. It may be just enough to get that individual back into the habit of using that substance again. (Taking power plants and drugs when you have a high level of personal power can result in amplification of senses, access to knowledge of the ally behind the substance.

Excessive use of power plants and their derivatives damage the energy structure, and burns up personal power quickly, opening an apprentice to attack).
That habit may be all that is need, to laps judgment of the warrior into a dangerous action based on ego. Do not assume that all gifts and luck are from power, look for the two edged sword. Learning to differentiate what is a gift of luck (cubic centimeter of chance) or a predatorial trap takes experience and practice.

What other games do they play?

The ratio of flyers to humans of 9 flyers for every 1 human is a conservative estimate. It’s a good sign that they are using several other species in other realities for food as well.

Flyers are everywhere, and each has their own way of feeding. Some work as a gang, riding winds around the world through areas of high population. Others stake claims at street corners and places where a lot of car ‘accidents’ happen. Influencing road rage and accidents is one of the methods used to collect certain types of energies. Some feed directly from a human’s death, so it is encouraged.

Sitting in public places, learning to look for the signs of their presence, you can learn their techniques, and learn the weakness of those techniques. If for example a Flyer knows that a certain frequented place where humans pass through a ‘common enemy spot’ (energy point which is detrimental to most humans, rather than an enemy spot which tends to be detrimental to that individual), they will wait for individuals to walk over it, through it or stand on it for a moment. This makes the flyers job a lot easier, because the host is weakened for a moment.

It is pretty obvious why they pressure people into high population densities (multistory apartments, built up areas), more energy collected for less effort.

Humans have literally been moved into our very own fast food franchise, would we like fries with that?

Another example of interest that happens is physical combat in public, bar fights, street fights, etc. When viewing these using ‘Seeing’, you can see their flyers egging them on to battle.
Sometimes it doesn’t appear if it is anymore to it than flyers having fun with their hosts.

Can they feel emotions like us?

Oh yes they sure can. One of the foremost is fear. Fear of loosing their link with their host, fear of loosing their link with their collective minds, fear of starvation. They also project their emotion and feelings upon us.Intense hunger for the awareness of their host can become intense hunger for the host, often involving the host to get so hungry they can’t think straight till they eat or they are driven to over eat (over eating will slow the host down, making them an easier target).
The projection of fear also assists them in government of our population; a fearful population is an easily manipulated population. How many of the emotions you have felt don’t belong to you? How do you identify them as yours, residual or active programming, or direct influence from the flyers mind? How about other host humans who seek to tire you in your daily activities?

There have also been reports of friendship like relationships being formed between host and predator. Whether these are most likely a ploy to sabotage the target warrior (trust me, I am your friend), or actual friendships of respect, who knows. It is recommended that Apprentices do not attempt such a relationship, for the obvious reasons.

So what do they feel like when they touch you?

The feeling vary from a gentle brush of the wind against your leg hairs to and ‘insect bite’ to a feeling of fine pins and needles enveloping a whole leg.
The ‘burning’ feeling comes from when the energy field is ripped open (sometime a wounding in strategic place means that, for
example; if one is done to the neck center of energy, it messes up the person’s intent) and/or energy stripped from an area.

Usually by the time you feel the burn, the energy has been taken. When spiking and leaving energy, it is a stabbing pain. They don’t just spike the mind (though this is the main spike) but also can do pretty much anywhere on the body.

Once you are aware of what they feel like, know that you can not unlearn it. In becoming aware of them, they become aware that you are aware, if you are going to become a warrior, you will develop strategy and technique to deal with them, if you are simply dabbling, and won’t go the distance, you will end up constantly bothered, insane, or possibly a tool for them to use.

I have read that it’s pointless to pay attention to them, that ignoring them is the best option.

The head in the sand option is for those who are weekend or part time warriors. Although exposure to these beings before you are ready can result in disaster, if you truly intend to become a full time warrior, then you will have to face your enemy eventually, so why not learn all you can about them?

That doesn’t mean that you should become obsessed About them.

It means you keep an eye out for them and their agents as you would look for cars when crossing the road. Learning their habits will make you a better warrior. But obsessing about them will open you up to them causing problems, especially if you are not a practicing warrior.

What other things should I know about them?

There are also a lot of technologies that are similar to how the flyers operate. By spiking humans with what is essentially a networking solution, it allows a species to use another species, know what they know, when they know it, and where they are.
Considering that humans don’t use more than 5% — 9% of their Brains mental powers, what about using what the hosts don’t use for you’re the parasites purposes?

Super computers are now built on the same principles, they don’t contain just one single powerful chip (mind), and they contain thousands of processing chips with their own support systems, combining their strength. It keeps the brains of the hosts talking to themselves, like network chatter, and the flyer is ableto utilize alot of its host’s brain power for itself.

Don’t hate or feel emotion towards these beings for their actions, in their own way, they have added a filter to the development of warrior kind. Remember that you egois always an issue, focus on that and your freedom. They have as a race done what they could to survive; we were the unfortunate ones that turned up, just when they were so close to starvation. If ever there was an action to prove that humans are not as important as they think they are, this indeed would be the proof of it.

Interference from these beings over the last 10 thousand years has altered the energy field of our species. With the increase in our races numbers, that will speed up their plans. The alterations vary from absorbing the collective energies of our species as a whole (lessening the energy inherited through the procreation system of parent to child) to individual altercations that stop humans accessing some very important assemblage point positions.

This is why the warrior’s path is pretty much the only method to defeat their hold on us, winning back minds one at a time. As the per head population of warriors increases, it increases the chances for others to turn, creating a cascading effect. Even the numbers of warrior kind at just 3 – 5% would start this happening. Sustaining a percentage like this would allow the human species to out put a steady amount of evolved warriors into third attention.

You have written some crazy hair brain stuff here, most of it is impossible to believe, anyone reading this for the first time would think you’re quite insane, don’t you think it’s a little too much?

No it’s not too much; it is time that this information is finally made available. Originally it was requested by the Seers of third attention that all information, be released to the public with the writings of other warriors of the path. This was difficult to put into effect for a lot of reasons.
Warriors in first attention felt that such information may be damaging to individuals who were new to the path, (similarly to handing a gun to a small child who likes to watch gangster movies) the results could be quite destructive.

It was feared thatit could even create a new form of the OLD Seers, allowing those of our race who prey upon other humans to use these skills to their advantage. Though, when it was investigated, it was realized that the majority of these people were all ready aware of a lot of this information at some level.
Releasing the information would simply allow those who want to be warriors to level the playing field to their advantage.

Other First attention warriors worried that their stalking image in first attention would be threatened, feeling it was better to “spread the word” in private after apprentices were more experienced and charged with personal power, rather come totally clean up front, possibly scaring off potential recruits.
The seers of third attention however know that a potential apprentice should be aware of what they are getting themselves into; even if it is at a basic level (fore warned is fore armed). Only then they can make that one decision (to become warriors) without feeling they have been somehow gypped, conned, or ripped off. The issue of ‘man I wish I knew about that earlier’ can be very frustrating, and in some instancesit can cause an apprentice to withdraw from training, even returning to ‘normal life’.

Ultimately it comes down to this. It is your life, and to face this challenge is your decision. Information presented here can assist you on your path. Ultimately when you make a decision to walk the warrior’s path, it is at many levels of your being, whether it be that it ‘feels right’ or looks like a ‘good choice’ or simply something that has always been apart of you. The time of being one of the flyers herd is over; the time to fight for your freedom is now.

— Do grupo Inorganic Beings

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Uma ideia sobre “Report on The Inorganic Entities Named Flyers/Voladores

  1. Avatar erini disse:

    I just read this post and I sincerely thank you for addressing this topic so deeply and extensively. I have been looking for more information in the subject as Castaneda mentions this only in one of his books. I once read in a book by Armando Torres that Castaneda actually did write a book dedicated solely to the flyers. He was told however, not to publish it and he withdrew the manuscript and delivered “The second ring of power” to his editor instead. Do you know if this is actually true? And by any chance, do you know if the original manuscript is somehow available somewhere? I know it is naive of me to think that you might know the whereabouts of this manuscript, but still, I prefer to ask.
    I do not intend to get obsessed about the subject, but to know more about the predator’s ways and have more chances to be aware of them and rid me of their hold. Many thanks in advance if you see and reply to my post. And thanks again for your article.

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