Dreaming last night I saw and had a prolonged encounter with the flyers. They are having an absolute hay-day, a feeding frenzy no less, swarms of them, hyper-active, in our current situation, using the fear of death, and the sense of doom and helplessness as a windfall of opportunity, to our (humanities) liability. The efforts of escapism, and avoidance, is likewise being cultivated at our expense; they intent to have us on the run emotionally speaking.

The flyers are also employing some sort of a scout, I’ve never seen before, and there are a lot of them, both to promote these reactionary responses, and searching out the low hanging fruit. Those scout are easy to neutralize I discovered, simply by sequestering those reactionary responses.

The question is then, is this virus something conjured up by the fliers? On that question I’m unsure but it seems highly suspect. The ground work has certainty been laid.

I should add that in the process of neutralizing the flier scouts, hiding or better said concealing oneself in the embrace of the Earth makes one’s presence undetectable, and it is easy to snatch them for “disassembly”. They aren’t organic life, or inorganic life, more like alien technology, and not dangerous to handle from what I could see and experienced.

The other interesting side note is that it wasn’t me that actually discovered some of this, a female warrior showed me part of the process. She was damn tough I will add; bold, fearless and no-nonsense, a real credit to warriorism.

Equally compelling is the fact that younger folks, children especially, are seemingly immune, or at least unaffected, which from the perspective of fear makes sense seeings how their manufactured and pseudo-fear et al has yet to be fully developed and “cemented-in” as it is so often is in older adults.

Just to clarify, and up to this point, I haven’t seen the actual source of this virus, and yet, the fliers are not just looking for “eggs”, this has all the making of a major harvest. In my experience the best and most feed is added right up to and immediately before harvest time. I do see, however, that fear et al, especially pseudo-fear, is the biggest liability when it comes to susceptibility to the virus. Either way I wholeheartedly agree with most of the insight offered up by Ellen Gillen and others.

This event is a double edged sword, and the cause of warriorism has a golden opportunity to turn the tables, creating a major shift in human consciousness and thusly positively affecting the well-being of our beloved Earth and all her nature.

This is pretty typical of how the Source works with me. I see or are shown the big picture and some details, then left to piece it together, usually with the help of others, and by shear force of will, and then coming to an understanding.


Thor Blethyn

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