Silence opens a door to that which is unavailable when we talk to ourselves, with what if’s or what was.

Silence arises when we break the habit of constantly describing our perception of the world. This dialogue along with our emotions and energy actually creates our experience of the world.

One of our tools to release these habits is stretching, shaking, tensing and releasing the muscles and tendons of the body.

Freeing the body’s attention from its self-involvement, delivers us to the importance of this flow of breath within us.

Becoming aware of the body and breath is a first step towards attention, focus, silence and consciousness.

Energy movements are an education for, and an awakening of, the body, to its potential.

When the body understands itself, then a language of posture and movement develops giving the body a prowess of its own.

The best of posture and movements, come from deep intuition, dreaming or observing animals, who are deep in the sensation of being alive. Animals are not restricted by habitual thinking, so they exhibit a natural elegance and prowess.

Practicing energy forms wherever they come from educates the body to the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies. When these bodies are in harmony we excel at being ourselves.

When we understand this holistic knowledge, then posture, breath and movement are a natural code. An expression of our inner intents. We can use it to clean, gather energy or further any intent we turn our being to.

Gammadian Freeman

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